Lash lifting palette, black

A palette for lamimaker is a convenient accessory that allows you to make the procedure more sterile and clear the work space of a large number of necessary jars and bottles with compositions.
Dispense the necessary materials so that everything is at hand: compositions for lamination and long-term styling, shampoo for eyebrows and eyelashes, glue and paint. The palette provides cells for all stages of lamination

The palette has 8 cells:
  • 2 small cells - for dispensing glue or storing brushes in a vertical position
  • 3 medium cells - intended for lamination or long-term styling
  • 2 large cells - for shampoo and dye
  • 1 cell that can be used for water or other necessary components
  • + special recess for storing the brush in a horizontal position
The palette is made of very elastic silicone, resistant to regular cleaning and disinfection. The palette is easy to clean from all ingredients.

Palette size: 7.2x5.3x1cm