Lash Lifting Pads OKO Hollywood Pink, 3 pairs

Eyelash Lift Pads Set OKO Hollywood Pink

OkO Hollywood Pink Pads - unique premium quality lash lifting pads. They combine practicality in work for the lami stylist and absolute comfort for the client.
OKO Hollywood Pink pads are made of high-quality, hypoallergenic, highly purified silicone, have an anatomical shape and plasticity, which, combined with a glossy contact surface, allows you to fix the pads on eyelids even without the use of glue. Thanks to the high contact surface, the eyelashes are securely fixed on the pad - the eyelashes almost independently stick to the pad.
The OKO pads are wear-resistant and resistant to eyelash dye - your pads will not be stained for a long time!
Ideal fixation on the eyelids when laminating in a sitting or lying position!

OKO Hollywood Pink pads have a round shape and are designed for straight and downward growing eyelashes.

  • Size M - rounded pads, gives a soft bend or baby curl depending on the area where the composition is applied. For eyelashes of short and medium length.
  • Size L - rounded pads for eyelashes growing downwards. Gives a soft natural curl. When applying the composition to the apex and above, you can get a baby curl. For medium and long eyelashes.
  • Size XL - rounded pads with an apex in the lower third, gives a soft natural curve. Ideal for long eyelashes.