OKO Brow Sunscreen SPF 70+, 15 ml

OKO Eyebrow Sunscreen Cream After Permanent Makeup SPF 70+

Keep your brows bright and save!
Brow cream OKO with SPF protection is designed specifically to help prevent premature fading of EYEBROWS after powder permanent or microblading.
Brow sunscreen cream is an essential part of eyebrow care, especially after a PERMANENT!
An important item in the recommendation to clients from the master is, of course, post care. As soon as the eyebrows have healed after the procedure, it is imperative to use a cream with a high degree of sun protection every day.
Harmful UV rays reach our skin, so we must apply sunscreen daily to prevent fading and fading. If you have any permanent makeup or tattoos, sunscreen can help you prolong the life of the permanent in its original color.
The higher the SPF, the stronger the protection. SPF70+ was originally developed by technologists to not only prevent the sun's rays, but to help the client avoid frequent corrections and color corrections.

The most important thing is that the eyebrows do not fade too early!

If you are a permanent makeup artist, make sure the client will use SPF protection after the procedure.

The OKO company has developed a product for customers to help craftsmen:
  • The new strongest protection technology provides superior protection against UVA/UVB rays.
  • Moisturizes the skin and nourishes the hair.
  • Convenient compact packaging with a dispenser that can easily fit in your cosmetic bag.
  • The formula of the sunscreen does not clog pores, does not cause acne.
  • Double degree of protection against ultraviolet - protection against penetration and reflection of UV rays. 
  • Innovative technology with nanomolecules that do not allow a large amount of light to penetrate to the skin. 
  • The structure of the cream reflects sunlight, which is very necessary for the skin after permanent makeup or tattoo.
  • IMPORTANT! Does not leave a white mark on the skin. Absorbs quickly. 15 minutes after use, you can apply decorative cosmetics.

Features of using OKO Brow Sunscreen SPF70+
  • It is used immediately after the healing of the eyebrows (after the permanent procedure)
  • Do not apply your usual skin care cream on top of SPF protection, this will significantly reduce the degree of protection. It is better to use the cream before SPF protection.
  • When using decorative cosmetics after SPF cream, the degree of protection is reduced.

How to use: Apply a small amount of cream to the eyebrow area 10-15 minutes before sun exposure.
Made in Ukraine
Volume: 15 ml