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OKO Power Powder - eyebrow henna tutorial

Have you already seen our incredible new product - OKO Lash&Brow henna for eyebrows dyeing? Today we are reviewing henna from OKO brand, its color palette and features of its work, and we will tell you why you should definitely try it and fall in love!

Review of henna for eyebrows OKO lash&brow

Henna for eyebrows is a hybrid dye for eyebrows in dry form. It is important to understand that this product is radically different from the usual one and is inherently closer to classic eyebrow tints. Modern henna for eyebrows contains a small amount of lavsonia, where it acts as an additional component in the composition, and not as the main dye.
OKO henna has a finely dispersed texture, dissolves quickly and, when finished, has a gel consistency. It is this consistency that makes the work of any equipment, such as pouring or layering, easier and faster. The gel texture does not spread, allows you to make clear graphic lines, dries quickly and gives a dense, rich coloring result.

Features of OKO eyebrow henna

  • A unique formula developed taking into account the needs of the brow stylists.
  • The finely dispersed texture of the dry product dissolves in a matter of seconds, the finished composition has a gel-like consistency.
  • The palette contains 7 shades: 4 main colors and 3 color correctors. This allows us to create completely unique color shades for each client.
  • Created for dense eyebrow coloring and gives a rich, clean result.
  • Contains components that provide gentle coloring of hair and skin.
  • It has a CPNP certificate, created at a world-famous plant and meeting all quality requirements.
  • Does not require a special activating product. OKO henna can be diluted with regular cleansing water, mineral solution or booster.

Palette of shades and coloristic of eyebrow henna OKO Power Powder

Coloristic of the product is one of the most important factors when choosing! The henna palette for eyebrows tinting OKO was developed by qualified colorists who were faced with the task of creating a system of color nuances that would be universal in working with any color type!
The OKO henna shade palette consists of 6 shades: 3 basic brown colors and 3 color correctors (they can be used both in pure form and to regulate the shade and saturation of primary colors).

01 Light brown – light brown shade with warm undertones. Suitable for fair-haired, light-brown and blondes.
Leaves a light tint on the skin.
Color level: 7-8

02 Brown - a bright, rich brown shade with warm undertones. In its pure form, it is a universal shade that suits almost everyone.
Leaves a bright imprint on the skin.
Color level: 7-6

03 Dark Brown - deep dark brown shade with warm undertones. Depending on the working technique, you can get either a super rich graphic imprint on the skin or soft coloring.
Color level: 6

04 Black - color corrector. A rich, deep black shade with purple undertones. Can be used to give a cooler and richer shade to the main palette. In mixes it makes the shade colder and darker.
Color level: 3-4

05 Yellow - color corrector. Light yellow-brown shade. Designed to lighten other shades in the palette, but can also be used in its pure form. Suitable for red and honey hair.
Color level: 8-9

06 Red Wine - color corrector. Visible light burgundy-brown shade. Can be used to correct the shade of the main palette or in pure form for clients with hair in copper, chestnut and red shades.
Color level: 7

07 Natural Brown - universal color, neutral fair with a slight cold undertone, not bright. Leaves an impression on the skin.
Tone depth level: 6-7

The palette's base shades 01 Light Brown, 02 Brown and 03 Dark Brown are warm shades with a soft, rich imprint on the skin. On cold skin they appear neutral or with a slight warm undertone. If you need to make them cooler or darker, just add a little 04 Black corrector. To lighten the base palette and give a warmer shade, 05 Yellow is suitable.
OKO eyebrow henna guarantees eyebrow coloring without darkening even the most damaged porous hair. You will receive a clean, even shade within the color scheme and the appropriate level of tone depth.

OKO Eyebrow henna mixes

The basic palette of henna shades for coloring OKO eyebrows is completely self-sufficient and can be used without premixes. But to get a unique nuance, you can use color correctors and get an endless number of possible combinations!
We have developed several successful commercial mixes for you:
  • 01 Light Brown (90%) + 03 Dark Brown (10%)
  • 01 Light Brown (95%) + 04 Black (5%)
  • 01 Light Brown (70%) + 04 Black (30%)
  • 05 Yellow (85-90%) + 04 Black (10-15%)
Remember that there are no restrictions for you, experiment with shades, test and create your own color combinations!

How to use OKO eyebrow henna

Step 1: Prepare skin and eyebrows. Remove eyebrow makeup and prepare the skin for coloring in a manner convenient for you. For quick preparation, you can use OKO eyebrow foam shampoo, which performs several functions at once - makeup remover, cleansing and degreasing of skin and hair. You can also do a full-fledged SPA ritual for skin and eyebrow care using a scrub and eyebrow mask.
Step 2: Marking. Shape your eyebrows if necessary. You can use different techniques: marking with paste and brush, marking with pencil and paste, or using dyeing thread.
Step 3: Coloring. Henna for eyebrows OKO does not require the use of additional oxidizing products - purified water, any mineral solution or booster is suitable to obtain the finished composition. Remember that the brightness and saturation of the color will depend on the concentration of the solution. The less concentrated the solution, the lighter the color will be. We recommend using proportions of 1:3 or 1:5, the most convenient consistency of soy sauce to work with. OKO henna dissolves very quickly.
Apply the prepared henna mixture to your eyebrows using a brush using your chosen technique (casting or layering).
The exposure time is 10-15 minutes or when the henna is completely dry. Remove henna using a cotton pad soaked in water.
Step 4: Care. Henna instantly stabilizes and you get the finished result. For additional hair aftercare, you can use eyebrow serum or oil. For deeper recovery, use STEP 3 Care&Recovery from OKO.
We are confident that you will be pleasantly surprised and fall in love with this product just like we did!
Experiment and create your own masterpieces!