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Review of lifting compositions OKO Lash&Brow

Overview of compositions for lamination of eyebrows and eyelashes OKO Lamination

In the last 10 years, procedures aimed at the aesthetics of the look are only gaining popularity around the world. Natural, curled, raised lashes paired with thick and airy eyebrows – emphasize the look and allow you to look perfect without any makeup.
Lash lamination procedure – physical change in the shape of eyelashes. This is an innovative procedure that visually lengthens and thickens eyelashes, and provides the necessary bend from lifting downward-growing eyelashes (a necessary procedure for trichiasis) to a decorative, effective lifting.
By analogy with lamination of eyelashes, long-term styling of eyebrows is a change in the structure of eyebrow hair and fixing them in the right direction.
Like any procedure, lamination and long-term styling have their own indications and contraindications.
Indications for a brow lift:

  • coarse, unruly hair that cannot be styled with a fixative;
  • hairs stick out in different directions;
  • thin over-plucked eyebrows (the procedure makes the eyebrows visually wider);
  • cropped eyebrows;
  • curly hair.

  • too thin dehydrated hair;
  • problem skin;
  • open wounds in the area of ​​the eyebrows;
  • fresh tattoo or laser tattoo removal (minimum one month);
  • Allergy to the composition of the products.
It is very important to choose high-quality and effective preparations for eyelash lamination and long-term eyebrow styling. Today we will consider a novelty from the Ukrainian manufacturer OkO.
OKO lamination products are designed by beauty artists for beauty artists and manufactured in accordance with all European standards at the factory in Milan.
OKO products have the formula Vegan – products are not tested on animals and do not contain components of animal origin.
The compositions are made in sachet format, which allows the beauty artists to be 100% sure that the product is stable and will work as stated by the manufacturer.

OKO laminating composition overview

Composition No. 1 OKO LIFT has an alkaline environment and is responsible for the destruction of disulfide bonds. The product loosens the hair structure so that the active components of the product easily penetrate inside. The composition can be used with or without film. Under the film, the reaction is faster, it helps to cope with curly hairs, and lay them in the right direction.
If you are using a permanent brow product, it will come into contact with the skin. In this case, after the application of 1 composition, slight redness may appear due to the effect of alkali on the pH of the skin. This is not to be feared. It is important not to overexpose the composition and take care of the skin, taking into account all contraindications.
One sachet of composition No. 1 is enough for 4-5 eyelash lamination procedures or 3-4 procedures for long-term eyebrow styling. Due to its dense consistency, the product is very economical.

Composition #2 OKO FIX & VOLUME – acid. Composition No. 2 neutralizes the action of the first composition, restores disulfide bonds, and the hair on the eyes becomes stronger and more elastic, fixing the desired shape. The product has a texture that is easy to work with, allowing you to lay out both lying and sitting.
After applying the 2nd composition to the eyebrows, the skin in the application area becomes whitish, even slightly discolored. this is due to the destruction of the pigment dye – melanin. Melanin is destroyed as a result of the oxidation of skin proteins.
One sachet of composition No. 2 is enough for 5-6 lamination procedures and 4-5 procedures for long-term eyebrow styling.

Composition #3 OKO RECOVERY&CARE – the final stage of an eyelash or eyebrow lamination, its task is to smooth the cuticular layer and give a healthy shine to the hairs. This is an important stage in the restoration of eyelashes and eyebrows.
OKO recovery & care is presented in the form of the so-called BOTOX, this is the most enhanced and innovative care formula that maximally nourishes eyelashes, cares for hair and skin, smoothes hairs, gives natural shine, has a small molecular weight, which allows it to penetrate into the structure to improve hair quality, but at the same time does not burden it, normalizes pH. Contains vitamin B5.
The product has a double effect, in addition to its main task, it fully replaces the additional stage of Botox. After the procedure, additional care is no longer required, this saves time. And the time – money, that is, we get double savings.
One sachet of product No. 3 is enough for 9-10 procedures.

How to use laminated OKO products

  1. Before starting the procedure, it is important to correctly assess the structure and condition of the hairs. The hairs can be porous, medium porous, or highly porous. It is on this that the exposure time of funds on the hairs will depend.
  2. Remove client makeup residue with micellar water or eye makeup remover.
  3. Degrease lashes/eyebrows with any foaming shampoo or saline solution.
  4. Apply OkO LIFT #1 to lashes/brows with a synthetic brush or microbrush. For lamination of eyelashes, the agent must be applied to the place where the roller is bent (the most convex part). Spread the product in an even, loose layer through the hair, trying to minimize contact with the skin. Can be used under film or without it. Holding time from 6 to 13 minutes (see plate "Holding time of compositions"). The maximum exposure time of the composition should not exceed the exposure time for the selected hair group. Checking the condition of the hairs every 3-4 minutes. The hair should absorb the composition and become more obedient. After the exposure time has elapsed, carefully remove the product with a dry cotton swab.
  5. Apply and carefully spread No. 2 OKO FIX. Maintain eyelash alignment/brow direction. Can be used under film or without it. The exposure time of composition No. 2 is from 5 to 12 minutes (see the plate). After the exposure time, remove the product with a dry cotton swab. The fixation stage is responsible for restoring bonds within the hair. It is impossible to reduce the exposure time of composition No. 2.
  6. After exposure to composition #2 and before using composition #3, eyebrow correction and coloring of eyebrows or eyelashes can be performed.
  7. Apply composition #3 to lashes/eyebrows. The third stage does not need to be washed off and remains on the hairs.

Holding time for laminating eyelashes and eyebrows

Home care for eyelashes and eyebrows after lamination

Post care after lamination of eyelashes and long-term styling of eyebrows – An important step that is often overlooked. Composition No. 3 OKO CARE creates a protective film on the eyelashes, but it is destroyed by your client's usual home remedies. It turns out that when the client goes home and continues to live his usual life (use micellar water, wash his face, etc.), the film is destroyed and the effect of lamination ceases to be so stunning.
It is important to recommend a home remedy for home use that will help protect the hairs and have a restorative and caring effect.
We recommend composition No. 3 OKO for sale. It is designed in accordance with the work of warehouses No. 1 and No. 2, it is an ideal product for home care. It is quite easy to use and has a dense texture that will not allow the product to flow into the eyes and create discomfort. The sachet format allows you to purchase the product at a very favorable price and it will be enough for the client for the whole month until the next visit to the beauty artists.

Peculiarities of working with OKO laminating products

  1. Lash and brow laminating products are for professional use only;
  2. Be sure to follow the instructions for working with compositions;
  3. It is necessary to work with the compositions with appropriate gloves. This will make the procedure safe and sterile;
  4. Do not use on or near irritated or injured skin;
  5. Avoid contact with eyes. In case of contact with eyes, rinse immediately with water. Prevent product from getting inside;
  6. Store out of the reach of children;
  7. Work with the product in a well-ventilated area;
  8. Do not use after highlighting brows and do not lighten after the lamination procedure;
  9. Allergy. Some clients may experience an allergic reaction upon skin contact. It can manifest as redness of the skin, inflammation, rash, and other reactions. In this case, you should consult a doctor. It is recommended to perform a sensitivity test 48 hours before the procedure.
  10. Peculiarities of storage and disposal. Close the sachet well after use to avoid contact with air. Store in a cool and dry place, and avoid direct sunlight. Throw away the sachet only completely empty. Dispose of according to national regulations.