Multifunctional Lash Lifting Tool OKO

Multifunctional tool for lash lifting OKO Lash&Brow

The OKO Lash&Brow multifunctional tool is created for perfect and quick eyelash placement during lifting. The tool will make eyelash stylists work easy and comfortable, and will reduce the stage of laying eyelashes on lash lifting pads to a minimum.

The tool has two advanced functional sides:
  • L-shaped curved working side with a sharp end for separating eyelashes and a ribbed surface for styling and fixing eyelashes on eyelash pads. Using the sharp end of the tool, you can easily separate the eyelashes to check their readiness;
  • Comb brush for separating and perfectly combing eyelashes.

The OKO M-tool is made of high-quality steel, resistant to wear, corrosion and regular treatment with disinfectants.
The tool has an ergonomic shape and balanced weight, due to which it fits securely and comfortably in the lash stylist’s hand during the procedure of eyelash lifting or bio-curling.

  • Made of high quality wear-resistant steel;
  • Has two improved working sides for perfect laying and combing of eyelashes;
  • Ergonomic shape for reliable and safe operation during the lash lifting;
  • Provides fast and comfortable work for the lash stylist.

Size: 14.5 cm / 5.7 inch