OkO Lash&Brow - products and accessories for eyebrow stylist and lash artist

In the OKO catalog you will find not only products. Here you will find solutions for your creativity. Refinement in details, care for comfort and high quality standards - this is what makes our catalog special.

Let us discover a world of opportunities and development together with OKO Lash&Brow! You choose more than just products – you choose style, professionalism and pleasure from your work!

OkO Lash and Brow is a real source of inspiration for brow artists and lash lifting stylist. The business card of the brand is professional henna for eyebrows. This product is not just a means for coloring, it is a sophisticated palette that allows you to create unique shades that emphasize the individuality of each client. From durability to saturation - OkO henna will turn eyebrows into a real work of art.

The brand has also developed a professional line of laminating products - a real find for fashionable eyebrow transformation. The products are created without the use of animal components and are not tested on animals. Therefore, OkO lamination is not just about a care product, it is care that combines efficiency with an ethical approach to beauty.

Well, what is the work of a professional craftsman without convenient, reliable tools? Tweezers, brushes, sets of lash lifting shields and much more will become a real driver of your skill. OkO will help create flawless contours and reveal natural beauty in every touch.

Eyebrow dyeing with henna OkO Power Powder

Henna for eyebrows OkO Power Powder is a unique hybrid product, which contains lawsonia, which acts as an additional component, not the main dye. Therefore, in essence, this henna is closer to classic eyebrow dyes.

The palette includes seven shades - 4 main shades and 3 correctors. Thanks to this variety, the artist can endlessly experiment with shades, creating new, unique images. Henna OKO is intended for professional use. In the process of painting, it does not cause any complications and unexpected results. After diluting the dry substance with water, the finished gel-like product is evenly distributed over the surface, coloring not only the hairs, but also the skin under them. The result of the procedure is bright, saturated, but at the same time as natural as possible eyebrows, which will emphasize all the advantages of the client's image.

Product for lash lifting and long-lasting eyebrow styling from the OkO brand

In order for the eyelashes and eyebrows of customers to become a real work of art, it is important to choose only high-quality and proven products. In this matter, OkO Lash and Brow has also developed innovations – professional means for laminating and long-term styling of eyebrows.

Preparations for lamination and long-term styling of eyebrows are a three-stage system, which includes agent No. 1, which changes the structure of the hair for deep penetration of active components, agent No. 2, which fixes the result and neutralizes the effect of the first component, and agent No. 3, restores hairs and gives them a healthy shine.

Professional products are designed in small sachets, which ensures economy and ease of use. Their stable consistency guarantees an even distribution of the product, providing clear and long-lasting results.

Choose the highest standard of eyelash and eyebrow care with OkO Lash&Brow!

How to prepare the skin for painting?

Correct preparation of the skin for dyeing plays an important role in ensuring a high-quality and sustainable result. Here are some steps to help prepare your skin for eyebrow tinting:
  1. Skin cleansing. The first stage is a thorough cleaning of the skin in the eyebrow area from dirt, make-up and excess fat. To remove excess fat and prepare the surface for painting, a delicate foam shampoo from OKO is suitable.
  2. Peeling. Regular exfoliation will help remove dead skin cells, make the surface smoother and more uniform.
  3. Marking. If necessary, before the dyeing procedure, simulate the future shape of the eyebrows with the help of convenient techniques: pencil, paste and brush, as well as dyeing thread.
  4. Application of barrier cream. If you plan to dye at home, consider using a barrier cream around the eyebrow contour. This will help to avoid discoloration of the skin outside the eyebrows.
  5. Sensitivity test. Before using henna for the first time, it is recommended to conduct a sensitivity test. Apply a small amount of paint on a small piece of skin and wait 24 hours to determine if there are any allergic reactions.

What accessories and tools do an lash and brow stylist need?

In the world of eyebrow artists and lamimakers, professional tools are not just objects, but indispensable assistants with which every master can realize his creative ideas and guarantee customers an unsurpassed result.

The OkO brand, understanding the importance of quality tools, creates an assortment that meets the high standards of the professional industry:
  • Slanted brush. An ideal item for applying paint or henna. Made of synthetic pile, it is not only comfortable to work with, but also stable and durable.
  • Straight brush. Suitable for working with cream and gel textures. Correct lines and create precise markings - this brush will be your indispensable assistant.
  • Tweezers. Beveled and pointed tweezers are your reliable assistants for creating perfect eyebrows. Made of quality medical grade steel, they will serve you reliably for many years.
  • Lash lifting shields. Soft and pleasant to the body, they guarantee comfort and precision during lamination. Different sizes of pads allow to achieve individual results for each client.

The OkO Lash&Brow range also includes containers for diluting paint or henna, a helper applicator for laminating eyelashes, microbrushes and many other useful accessories.

We invite you to discover the entire range of quality materials, tools and accessories in the OkO catalog - your best partner in creating impressive images and flawless eyebrows. If you are interested in the OkO brand and want to become our partner, we have special offers for you that will not leave anyone indifferent.