Henna for eyebrow dyeing OkO Power Powder

In the world of beauty and face care, everyone is looking for not just a product, but a real discovery - something that will give the image uniqueness and natural expression. Henna OkO Power Powder is not only a coloring agent, it is a product that opens a new level of eyebrow care and aesthetics. Thanks to a wide palette and the ability to mix shades, each master can endlessly experiment with shades, bringing his ideas and wishes of customers to life. With OkO Power Powder, you will be able to achieve exactly the effect you have always dreamed of.

Henna for dyeing eyebrows OkO Power Powder is a real treasury of possibilities for creating expressive and natural images. This is a unique hybrid product, which includes lawsonia, which acts as an additional component and not the main dye. Therefore, in essence, this henna is closer to classic eyebrow dyes.

Features of OkO Power Powder:

  • A wide palette of colors. The palette includes seven shades - 4 basic and 3 correctors, which makes it possible to choose the perfect color for each client. You can create a natural shade or experiment with bright and non-standard pigments.
  • The possibility of mixing shades. The product's unique formula allows you to mix shades, giving you full control over the result. Experiment and create unique combinations that express the individual style of each client.
  • Durability and stability. OkO Power Powder guarantees stable and predictable results. Your eyebrows will look flawless for a long time after the dyeing procedure.
  • Natural look. The henna formula is designed to provide a natural look, adding volume and definition to brows without an overpowering effect.
  • Ease of use. The dry substance can be diluted with ordinary purified water. The finished gel-like consistency of the product is easily distributed and fixed, providing convenience and efficiency in the dyeing process.

The product has CPNP certification, which indicates high quality and a responsible approach to production. Therefore, you can be sure of its safety even for the most sensitive skin.

Colors of eyebrow henna OkO Power Powder

The OkO Power Powder palette was developed by qualified colorists who set themselves the goal of creating a system of color nuances that will become universal when working with any color profile.

The line is presented in six shades, including 3 basic brown pigments and 3 color correctors. Let's take a closer look at the shades:
  • 01 Light brown. A light brown shade with a warm undertone is an ideal choice for blondes, light blondes and blondes. After use, it leaves a natural shade on hairs and skin.
  • 02 Brown. The brown shade is a bright and saturated gamut with a warm undertone. In its pure form, it becomes a universal choice, perfectly matching almost any image. The shade leaves an expressive impression on the skin, giving the appearance of elegance.
  • 03 Dark Brown. A deep dark brown shade with a warm accent. Depending on the coloring technique, you can create a super-saturated graphic print on the skin or perform a delicate coloring, emphasizing the eyebrows and giving them an elegant look.
  • 04 Black. Corrector. A deep and rich shade with a purple undertone. It can be used as a stylish accent to create a cold and saturated effect in the main palette. When added to mixes, it transforms the shade, making it not only cooler, but also deeper and more expressive.
  • 05 Yellow. Corrector. A light yellow-brown shade created to lighten other colors, but also looks great on its own. Ideal for those with red or honey hair, it adds a unique warm shine and refreshing look.
  • 06 Red Wine. Corrector. The light burgundy brown shade is ideal for color correction in the main palette or can be used in its pure form for those with copper, brown and red hair.
  • 07 Natural Brown. Universal shade, neutral blond with a slight cold undertone, unobtrusive and natural. After use, it leaves a light impression on the skin.

Before the dyeing procedure, it is necessary to prepare the skin and hairs, which will ensure the predicted results and the expected effect. To clean the skin from decorative cosmetics, dust and excess fat, we recommend a soft and delicate foam shampoo from OKO.

Advantages of henna for eyebrow tinting OkO

OkO eyebrow henna is not just a cosmetic product, but a harmonious combination of quality and professional care. The advantages of this product are obvious:
  • Quality and safety. OkO Lash&Brow uses high quality materials, which allows you to achieve high-quality coloring without harming your eyebrows and skin. The brand's products are hypoallergenic and suitable for sensitive skin.
  • Comfort in use. The product is easy to apply and evenly distributed, and the result remains stable for a long time. You can enjoy the beautiful appearance of your eyebrows for a long period.
  • Professional care. The henna formula contains components that provide not only a color effect, but also hair and eyebrow skin care. Your eyebrows will look not only qualitatively tinted, but also healthy and well-groomed.
  • Economy. One package of henna can be used for several treatments, making it an economical and beneficial choice.

Where to buy professional henna for coloring eyebrows

If you are looking for professional eyebrow henna, you should go directly to the OkO official website. Here you can buy products from the brand of the same name, which is famous for its quality and provides full control over production.

On the OkO website, you will find various shades of henna, certified eyebrow and eyelash care products, as well as other professional OKO materials, tools and accessories to create a perfect image. Buying on the official website guarantees originality and the highest quality of products. Do not risk your beauty - choose the best directly from the manufacturer!