OKO – professional eyebrow and eyelash products
The OkO brand was created by beauty artists for beauty artists, considering all the needs of work. We create each product with care, select each ingredient and thoroughly test the products so that you get the perfect product for your work.
The purpose of the brand is to make the work of the beauty artists easier and to give them the best of the best, so all products have European quality with a Ukrainian soul.
In the OkO brand line, you will find all the necessary products for eyelash lamination, eyebrow perm, prep, and aftercare.
Made with love for you!
Eyebrow henna
Eyebrow henna
Tools and accessories
Tools and accessories
Lash & brow care
Lash & brow care
Eyelash & brow lamination
Eyelash & brow lamination
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Professional materials for OkO eyebrow and lash stylist

Welcome to the world of OkO, a brand designed to make every customer feel flawless and receive professional eyelash and eyebrow care. Each OkO product is exquisitely crafted with high-quality materials, and another important step in the fight for the well-being of our smaller brothers - no animal components, no animal testing.

Discover unique opportunities that will help emphasize natural beauty. Experience the difference in quality and care for you and the world around you. OkO is beauty without unnecessary compromises!

When creating unique products for care, lamination and long-term styling of eyelashes/eyebrows, the OkO brand focused on the wishes and recommendations of professional masters. As a result, it was possible to create a product that fully meets the high standards and expectations of customers.

Henna for eyebrow dyeing from OkO brand

OkO henna for coloring eyebrows is not only unsurpassed quality, but also predictable results, which are provided by a unique formula and unsurpassed experience in the brow industry. Each shade OkO is a separate story that unfolds on your eyebrows, giving an image of brightness that is harmoniously combined with natural naturalness. The product is CPNP certified. This means that you choose a product that meets the highest European standards of safety and quality in the field of cosmetics.

Henna not only densely colors hairs and skin, it also provides professional care. The composition contains components that nourish and strengthen hairs, giving them natural shine and health.

To prepare a ready-to-use composition, it is enough to combine the dry product with ordinary water, booster or mineral solution. The resulting product has a gel-like consistency, which is evenly distributed over the hairs and skin with the help of an eyebrow brush.

Henna OkO - is a great tool for emphasizing your natural beauty. With it, your eyebrows will become a harmonious facial feature, giving it expressiveness and elegance. Despite the fact that the product is created for professional use, it can be used at home for independent tinting. To achieve the desired result, it is important to strictly follow the instructions.

Lash lifting and eyebrow lamination with OKO products

To get the maximum effect from lamination procedures and long-lasting eyebrow styling, it is important to use high-quality and proven materials. And the OKO brand is an ideal choice in this case.

Traditionally, products for lash lifting and brow lamination are produced in the following line:
  • SPET №1 LIFT;
Each product is used at different stages of lamination according to the numbering. Step No. 1 changes the structure of the hair so that the active components of the drug penetrate as deeply as possible. Step No. 2 neutralizes the effect of the first component, ensuring reliable hair fixation. Step No. 3 is used at the final stage of lamination. It is a restorative preparation that smoothes the hairs, giving them a healthy shine and an attractive appearance.

The products are available in convenient and economical sachets, the contents of which are enough for several procedures. They have a fairly stable, dense consistency, and a good smell. The product is evenly distributed on the surface of the hairs, providing a pronounced effect and lasting results.

Some customers may have an allergic reaction to products for lamination and long-term styling. Therefore, 48 hours before the procedure, it is recommended to do a sensitivity test, which will help prevent unforeseen consequences.

Professional tools and accessories for eyebrow artists and lamimakers

No experienced or novice master eyebrow artist is able to imagine his professional activity without high-quality, convenient tools and accessories. And the OkO brand did not leave its customers without due attention here either. The assortment includes high-quality, very convenient, universal products that should be in the arsenal of every specialist who cares about the safety and comfort of his clients.

For professional work, you will definitely need:
  • Beleved brush. A multifunctional tool, which is convenient for applying dye or henna, decorative cosmetics, care products. Convenient in correction and uniform distribution of the product. The pile is synthetic, very dense, wear-resistant, comfortable to work with.
  • Flat brush. A great tool for working with cream and gel textures. With its help, it will be possible to make clear markings for eyebrows using paste or pencil, correct lines while working with dye or henna.
  • Tweezers. Beveled and pointed tweezers are a basic set of tools for a master eyebrow artist. The tools are made of wear-resistant medical steel, fit comfortably in the hand, have a perfectly polished surface, and are resistant to disinfection and sterilization procedures in any way.
  • Pads for lash lifting. Made of high-quality, soft silicone. They have anatomical shapes, so they fit tightly to the eyelids, providing comfort and predictable lamination results. The set includes different sizes, so each client can get the result he expects.

Also in the assortment of the OKO brand are offered:
  • container for diluting dye or henna;
  • helper applicator for eyelash lamination procedure;
  • microbrushes for uniform application of the product.

Where to buy professional materials for lash and brows?

If you are a professional browist/lamimaker, or a beginner who just started working in this beauty field, you will definitely need an assistant who will offer quality materials and tools that meet all standards and requirements. The OKO brand is a reliable partner and friend with whom your journey into the world of beauty and aesthetics will be interesting and exciting.

We invite you to familiarize yourself with our catalog, which presents a wide range of materials and tools that will facilitate your work and make it even more efficient and pleasant. Even in the smallest details, the OKO brand will take care of your success.