Accompanying products for dyeing and lash lifting from the OkO Lash&Brow

After salon procedures for lamination of eyelashes and long-term styling of eyebrows, it is important to provide additional care to consolidate the obtained results and preserve the health of the hairs. In this regard, OkO products are extremely useful.

The brand line includes specially designed products for the preparation and care of eyelashes and eyebrows. These products not only help in maintaining the effect of lamination and styling, but also provide comprehensive care. OkO includes innovative components that do not cause irritation and other negative skin reactions. The products of the line have a light texture that does not leave a feeling of discomfort.

Choosing OkO products for preparation and care, you get not only quality, but also confidence in the long-term effect and health of your eyelashes and eyebrows.

What related materials do the eyebrow stylist and lamimaker need?

To get the predicted results from lamination procedures and long-term styling, it is important to properly prepare the skin and hair before applying the products. For this, the OKO brand created a unique product - OKO Shampoo Cloudy Foam 3 in 1, which provides:
  • high-quality removal of decorative cosmetics;
  • cleaning from any pollution;
  • skin degreasing.

There are no aggressive components in the foam shampoo, so it is suitable for any type of skin, including sensitive skin. Other features of the product:
  • pronounced antioxidant and bactericidal effect;
  • stimulation of regeneration and recovery processes;
  • noticeable effect of smoothed skin;
  • moisturizing, strengthening of cell membranes;
  • comfort in use.

The eyebrow dyeing procedure is a rather responsible, complex process that requires the master to be professional and confident in every move. Correctly constructed eyebrow architecture guarantees flawless results for the client's aesthetic satisfaction. To model and pre-visualize the results, the OkO brand has created OkO Eyebrow Contour Paste White Pearl.

The product has a pleasant texture, does not spread, reliably protecting the skin from dye or henna. After dyeing, the paste can be easily removed with a wet cotton pad. Product has a hypoallergenic composition, therefore it is suitable for owners of any type of skin, including sensitive skin.

Another salon procedure, after which the skin and hairs require additional care, is permanent eyebrow makeup. To prevent premature color loss and protect the eyebrow skin from aggressive UV rays, the OkO brand has created a sunscreen for eyebrows after permanent makeup that provides a double degree of UV protection. The components of the cream reflect sunlight, protecting the skin and pigment from aggressive effects. The product is quickly absorbed after application. After 15 minutes, you can use decorative cosmetics.

How to prepare skin and eyebrows for dyeing or lamination

Before the dyeing and laminating procedures, it is necessary to thoroughly clean the skin and hairs of makeup, dust, and excess fat. OKO Shampoo Cloudy Foam 3 in 1 is ideal for this, which gently removes all dirt and also degreases the treated area.

The scheme of using the product is very simple:
  1. Shake the bottle well.
  2. Press the pump to get foam.
  3. Apply the product with a brush or cotton pad to the area.
  4. If necessary, the procedure can be repeated.
  5. At the end, the product should be washed off with warm water.

Preparation of eyebrows for lamination and coloring also involves the use of peeling or scrubbing. These products allow you to thoroughly clean the skin of dead cells, making it smooth and restored.

How to care for the skin after permanent makeup

Proper skin care after the procedure of permanent eyebrow makeup plays an important role in ensuring quick healing and the duration of the result. Here are some care tips:
  • In the first days, you should avoid contact with water in the area where the procedure was performed.
  • Until the skin has healed, it is necessary to regularly treat it with an antiseptic solution and use drugs that speed up healing.
  • Limit physical activity and alcohol consumption.
  • Do not peel off or touch with your hands the crusts that will begin to appear a few days after the procedure.
  • Until the healing process is completed, refrain from using decorative cosmetics, scrubs, peelings.
  • Protect the area from direct sunlight using sunscreens such as OkO